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Keith Moore, Senior Pastor

Keith has been married to Allison since 1973. They have two daughters, Mary Beth and Leigh Anne, and their son-in-law Josh. Keith serves as the senior and founding pastor of Dogwood Church.  He leads the church in making more and better followers of Christ who love God and love people here and around the world. Keith's heart is talking to God for and about people and talking to people for and about God.

Fun Facts:
Reading, bicycling, spending time with my family, college football.
Bremen, Georgia
Favorite Sports Team:
Georgia Tech Football Team
Favorite movie or book: I don’t have a favorite movie or book.  I enjoy great stories whether they come in movie or book form!
Random fact for folks to know about you:
I don’t like to spend my time thinking about random facts for people to know about me...
And most importantly, Mac or PC? MAC!

What excites you about Dogwood?
Dogwood’s commitment to bold faith and to our best in our service to God, His Church, and the world excites me!  This church continues to seek God prayerfully and follow Him boldly wherever He directs; and seeks to offer our very best as an act of worship to God.

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Elaine Gardner, Pastoral Assistant

Elaine is married to her husband Mickey and they have two grown children, Micah and Abbey. She is the assistant to Pastor Keith. She coordinates his calendar, handles correspondence and helps with research and manages his library. She does such a variety of things that Pastor Keith calls her “Miss-Elaine-eous”.

Fun Facts:
Hobbies: Reading, watching old movies, crafting, riding bikes and hanging out with my family and friends.
Hometown: Youngstown, Ohio
Favorite Sports Team:
University of Georgia
Favorite movie or book:
Too many to count – I love the old Hitchcock films but I also love old classics like Jane Eyre and I like a lot of newer movies too – just too many to pick from.
Random fact for folks to know about you:
Don’t pick on me, I’m a black belt! (Jukado, 30 years ago!)
And most importantly, Mac or PC? 
PC right now but I want to be a Mac!  They have cool commercials…

What excites you about Dogwood? The new people that are coming in our doors and the potential we have to impact this world for Christ. Dogwood people that serve to make the ministry of Christ happen here and around the world. I can see the hands and feet of Christ at work among the people of Dogwood.

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JB Collingsworth, Associate Pastor

JB has been married to “Shugie” (Many call her by her given double name of “Anne Leavell” and many call her by her nickname). They have been married since 1983 and have three children: Mary Margaret, Rob, and Wes who are all in ministry. JB is the Small Groups/Adult Ministries Pastor. He desire is to impact adults through Bible study and discipleship. It’s all about life change for all of us he says.

Fun Facts:
Anything on a lake. He enjoys reading and writing, and most of all meeting new people and building relationships with them.
Downsville, Louisiana, though his roots come back to this area. Collinsworth Road was named for his great great grandfather who was an early settler of Coweta Co.
Favorite Sports Team:
Florida Gators
Favorite movie or book:
He says he has too many favorites and too many books!  Movie would be “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.
Mac or PC?  MAC all the way. 
He is on his 4th one.

What excites you about Dogwood?

Wow. There is so much potential here. With a great past and an incredible opportunity before us there is no end to what God can do here and around the world.  There is such a “can do and will do” attitude among the people of Dogwood.  Nothing is holding us back!

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John Warnock, Associate Pastor

John and his lovely wife Lindsay have two boys, Caleb & Luke. John’s role here at Dogwood is to help the church become an entity that would be missed by the community and the world if it didn’t exist. This is accomplished locally by helping Dogwood members and attenders get connected in organizations that are meeting the needs of people. On a global scale, Dogwood has adopted 4 target regions where we are helping to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people.

Fun Facts:
Hobbies: Time with my family, knee boarding/wakeboarding, spending time at the lake
Hometown: Peachtree City
Favorite Sports Team: North Carolina State
Favorite movie or book: Better Off Dead
Random fact for folks to know about you: I started getting grey hair at age 15
And most importantly, Mac or PC? Mac

What excites you about Dogwood? I am excited about our church’s potential to continue to impact God’s kingdom.  Having been on staff for over 10 years, and also being a kid who grew up at Dogwood (Braelinn), I have had the privilege to see God transform many people’s lives through the work and ministry of the people of Dogwood. I believe that God has even more in store for His church. 

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Chad Crouch, Worship Pastor

Chad has been married to Lauren since 2007. They have two children, Aria and Collier. Chad is the worship pastor at Dogwood Church. His desire is to make an impact on people's lives by helping them encounter God through music. He is all about seeing people come to know who Jesus is and experiencing life change because of it.

Fun Facts:
Hobbies: hanging out with my wife and body slamming my kids, building and design, eating great food, watching great movies
Hometown: Newnan, GA
Favorite Sports Team: Mighty Ducks (from the movies of course)
Favorite movie or book: Too hard to choose a favorite, I love a great story that's well presented.
Random fact for folks to know about you:I am a descendant of the great Johnny Appleseed (and yes he was a real person).
And most importantly, Mac or PC? Mac

What excites you about Dogwood? I love being a part of a church were the mission is the most important thing. That mission is to love God and love people while making more and better followers of Christ. Everything else is secondary, and that is very exciting.

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Carmen Bowra, External Ministries Assistant

Carmen is married to her husband Matt, and they have three grown children. Meghan is married and lives in California, working for the Salvation Army. She and Rudy have a beautiful daughter, Eva. Leane is also married and lives in Virginia with their two beautiful daughters, Kali & Kelsey. She is also an occupational therapist with the James County School System. Michael is a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. Carmen is responsible for assisting Global and Local Missions Ministries.

Fun Facts:
Hobbies: Boating, sewing
Hometown: East Chicago, IN
Favorite Sports Team: Atlanta Braves
Favorite movie or book: Captain Ron
Random fact for folks to know about you:
Served in U.S. Air Force for 12 years.
And most importantly, Mac or PC? Mac

What excites you about Dogwood? I love the people here! We are a family; we worship together, pray and care for each other.
But most importantly they add joy to life. 

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Donnie Rhodes, Student Pastor

Bio to come

Fun Facts:
Hobbies: Not giving the the media guy my website bio
Hometown: Mars
Favorite Sports Team: THE SLUGGGS!
Favorite movie or book: Plan 9 From Outer space
Random fact for folks to know about you:
Has a china doll collection
And most importantly, Mac or PC? Lynix

What excites you about Dogwood? FREE DONUTS!!!!!!

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Kristie Kirk, Minister to Children

Kristie has been married to her husband Chuck since 1991 and have one incredible son Caleb.  Kristie’s role at Dogwood is to provide a safe, fun learning environment where kids can have a real and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  She believes this is best done by partnering with parents and working alongside of them in their child’s spiritual journey.

Fun Facts:
Hobbies:  Time with my family and reading
Hometown:  North Java, NY
Favorite Sports team:  Florida Gators
Favorite book:  The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
Random Fact:  I grew up on a dairy farm

What excites you about Dogwood?:  Our families.  I’m surrounded by the greatest families, with the greatest kids around!  The potential to impact our community by the transformed families here is incredible..

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Susan Butler,
Next Generation Ministry Administrator

Susan is married to Steven and has four grown children; Brandon, Jansen, Brett and Jenah. She and Steven have 3 Grandchildren with another scheduled to arrive in August! Susan is responsible for assisting the Next Generation Ministry with all of their administrative needs and special events. This includes preschool, elementary, middle and high school ministries.

Fun Facts:
Hobbies: Travelling to see our Grandbabies, listening to Sacred Harp music
Hometown: Carrollton, Georgia
Favorite Sports Team: I was born to cheer “Go DAWGS!” UGA all the way!
Favorite movie or book: The Neverending Story
Random fact for folks to know about you: I was an avid thespian in high school
And most importantly, Mac or PC?  Mac / PC

What excites you about Dogwood?  The great people I get to do life with!


Jay Vineyard,
Associate Pastor


Jonathan Bailey,
Director of Media and Technical Services

Jonathan is married to his wife Cristina and has three beautiful girls, Parker, Hayden, and Skylar. Jonathan is responsible for all things technical, media, and stage related on the Dogwood campus and online.

Fun Facts:
Hobbies: Movies, Any and all things considered nerdy or geeky
Hometown: Fayetteville, GA
Favorite Sports Team: I like Georgia teams to do well
Favorite movie or book: Ender's Game (the book)
Random fact for folks to know about you: Wrestled for 14 years and can talk like Donald Duck
And most importantly, Mac or PC? Always have been and always will be Mac

What excites you about Dogwood?  The Worship Services, The preaching of God's Word, and the dedication of my Tech Team.

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Bill Wyler, Director of Business Administration

Bill is married to his lovely wife, Karen. They have one daughter, Mandi, who lives in Nashville, TN. Bill is responsible for leading the department that handles the business and facilities aspect of Dogwood.

Fun Facts:
Hobbies: Reading
Hometown: Weatherford, Texas
Favorite Sports Team: Baylor University
Favorite movie or book: Bible
Random fact for folks to know about you: ??
And most importantly, Mac or PC? PC

What excites you about Dogwood? Everything!

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Marilyn Hubbard, Finance Associate

Marilyn is married to her husband Mike and they have three children, Marcy, Mikey, and Matthew. Marcy and her husband, Eric have a son, Tanner, and another son due this spring! Mikey and Debbie have two beautiful daughters, Norah and Ava, and Matthew is in college at Georgia State where he is the punter on their football team! Of course, their family wouldn’t be complete without their dog, Muffy. Marilyn is responsible for the careful handling of the money here at Dogwood. She counts it, records tithes and gifts and writes the checks to pay the bills. She also handles personnel and assists Bill Wyler with any building or administrative issues.

Fun Facts:
Hobbies:  I love spending time with family, attending sporting events- but as a spectator only, taking walks, reading and, of course, shopping!
Hometown: Born and raised in Hamilton, Ohio, and most of my family is still there.
Favorite Sports Team:  I cheer for the UGA football team and any team which someone in my family is a part of - like Dogwood softball, Starr’s Mill High School football, Big Blue Soccer.
Favorite movie or book:  The Fred Factor is an all-time favorite.  Read it a long time ago, but love the message.
Random fact for folks to know about you:  Some say I’m nosey because I like people and I like meeting and knowing people and everything there is to know about them.
And most importantly, Mac or PC?  PC

What excites you about Dogwood?  Dogwood is an exciting place to belong as a staff member and a church member, seeing firsthand how God works through so many people and situations every day. 

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Nancy Eden, Receptionist/Office Assistant

Nancy has been married to her husband Tom since 1980 and they have three grown children. Their oldest, Brian, is a sergeant for the College Park Police Department and he and his wife, Mandy, have two beautiful little girls, Olivia & Emma. Their daughter, Jennifer, works at Ted’s Montana Grill and son, David works at the Chick-fil-A Headquarters. He and his wife Lauren, who is on staff at Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church, have a little boy, Ethan and are expecting their second son in June. Nancy is vital to the success of Dogwood. She greets visitors and is the lovely voice that answers the phone. She also handles pastoral care & prayer needs, as well as many other administrative duties.

Fun Facts:
Hobbies: Reading, watching good movies and most of all babysitting the grandkids!
Hometown: Hialeah, FL

Favorite Sports Team: Miami Dolphins
Favorite movie or book: Redeeming Love

Random fact for folks to know about you: umm…

And most importantly, Mac or PC?: How is this relevant??? PC

What excites you about Dogwood? It excites me that Dogwood Church continues to be a place where people who are skeptical about church can come and find a friendly face, hear the Word of God preached, find Christ, and learn to live a life of Worship!

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Cathy Berggren, Executive Director of Real Life Center

Cathy is the director of the Real Life Center