Mission Statement:
To serve our local community with the love of Jesus in such a way that our church would be missed if we did not exist.


  • To serve our community in a way that influences change by helping them to have a life transforming encounter with Jesus.
  • To equip and engage Dogwood members and attenders to serve and impact their community as a way of life.
  • To partner with other needs meeting ministries and organizations.
  • To influence other churches to join the UNITE movement.
  • To glorify God by loving Him and people that are not connected to the church.
  • To bring the Gospel in word and deed to people with the greatest need.

Compassion In Action / Riot Day

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ministry Focus Areas:

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 The Pregnancy Resource Center of Fayette
 Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes and Family Ministries

 Southland Health and Rehabilitation Nursing Home

 Street GRACE
 World Relief Atlanta
 Jars of Clay Outreach
 Healing Bridge Clinic

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Ministry Partners:

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