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At Dogwood Church our purpose is to love God and love people while making more and better followers of Christ here and around the word.  We believe we can best accomplish that through a strong "groups community" in our Adult Ministry--we call it Dogwood Life.  Our vision is to have life groups in every community represented in our church across a variety of ages and life stages. As a result, there are men’s, women’s, couples, singles, young adults groups, and others--loads of opportunity to accomplish our mission to help you connect at Dogwood, grow in Christ, serve our community, and go & follow God's call in your life. That’s God’s actual plan for our lives!

How do I join a Life Group?

The best way to join a life group is to attend the next session of our Connections Class. You can find out more about Connections and register by going to the Connections tab to the left. You can also email
adults@dogwoodchurch.org, call us at 770.692.7630 or click HERE to check out a list of our groups and join up! 

Child Care
Individual childcare reimbursement or group childcare reimbursement is provided depending on your small group's decision as a community.

We are all about "spiritual health"

We talk a lot of the importance of staying physically fit, caring for the condition of our hearts and keeping our minds sharp. But what about the health of our spirits? "Connect, Grow, Serve, Go" is a call to evaluate your present condition and discover ways to improve your spiritual health. Packed into each biblical concept—Connect, Grow, Serve, Go—is a simple way you can move forward, not remain stagnant. Best of all, these tools will stand the test of time—no “fad” diets here. You can learn more about CONNECT, GROW, SERVE & GO by clicking here.

Finally, the Greatest Commandment and the Great Commission are two passages that serve as guideposts for us in community. They keep us reconciled to people and on mission for the Gospel.

Please let us know how we can serve you and help you in your spiritual journey here at Dogwood!

To contact us:
JB Collingsworth, Pastor of Adult Ministries, jbcollingsworth@dogwoodchurch.org, 770.692.7602